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EZGAUGE™ Brand Authorization

LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION This is to authorize that (The Authorizing Party) is the legal holder of the EZGAUGE brand (Trade Mark Registration Number: UK00002562754) We hereby authorize (The Authorized Party) to be the distribution of the above brands and sell EZGAUGE brand (Trade Mark Registration Number: UK00002562754) series products. Authorized Time: 1/1/2020 - 31/12/2023 The Authorizing Party promises that the above authorization is legal, true and valid. Third parties cooperating with The Authorized Party may rely on the authorization. The Authorized Party undertakes to comply with the Authorizing Party distribution policy (such as product description, price, etc. or else. The Authorizing Party has the right to cancel the authorization. Hereby authorized! The Authorizing Party Date: 1/1/2020

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The One Measuring Tool Every Diy’er Needs – The Amazing Contour Gauge!

I can honestly say, that up until about 6 months ago, I had never heard of a contour gauge. And then, one day, I happened to see a little video ad about this inexpensive measuring tool while scrolling on my phone. At the least, I was certainly intrigued. When it comes to new tools, especially measuring tools, I am usually pretty skeptical. A counter gauge is hands down the easiest way to measure and mark tough cuts and angles. I have certainly had my fair share of purchases that simply didn’t pan out. More times than not, all of the promises of how much time and effort something saves you never lives up to the hype. And yet, as far...

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